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Best Wedding Vows Awards go to...

I choose you, McGreggor, to be my husband from now to infinity and then some more. You are my best friend and love and the dearest piece of my heart and I am honored to make these promises to you. I will love, cherish, and adore you. I will respect your opinions even when I disagree. I will wash the dishes whenever you cook. I will sit with you in the waiting room and name all of the fish in the tank if that is where you need me to be. And I will encourage you to eat your oatmeal because of your high cholesterol and wear sunscreen because of your Irish skin. I will go with you to auctions and make room in the trunk of the car for your new “treasures.” I will watch terrible, low-budget sci-fi movies with you on the sofa, but will probably read a book at the same time because those movies are really quite bad. I will do my best to teach our cats to be dogs. I will push you beyond your boundaries as you have challenged me. I will hug you when things don’t work out as planned, and help you write a spreadsheet for what to do next. I will be your wife for all time. And I will hopefully, some day, have some smart and beautiful babies with you. Because the only thing I think you could do better than loving me is being a father. But before getting so far ahead of ourselves, I promise to love you more. Every day. Each new memory we make, each new experience together, is embroidered and kept close to my heart. This is my vow: to always love you and protect you. I give you this ring as a symbol of this devotion, and may you think of me, of us, every time you turn the ring around your finger. I love you always and forever.

Sarah, here are the reasons I love you: You are beautiful, and smart, and pretty, and kind. Your heart is genuine and filled with goodness. Your soul is old and sensible. Your freckles are many, and the constellations they form make me laugh. You took me in, and my cats, too, and we made a tiny family together, even though the cats give you hives. You are as strong as you are vulnerable, and you let me take care of you when you’ve had a long day. You find a little nook or a place on the wall for all of the things I bring home. You encourage me to take risks and have big dreams, but remind me to relax and take things slowly, too. You put up with my shenanigans, and I put up with your hijinks. You are addicted to pears and indie music and Anthropologie and holding the cats, despite their protestations. You want to make the world a better place, and to do this, you chose to devote your life to helping the smallest and weakest among us. You’re a great sewer, meticulous, fastidious, and creative. You cry sometimes, actually a good deal of the time, and that’s ok, because you’ve had it hard recently, and I want so much to help you. You laugh a lot, and I love making you laugh, even if I look foolish doing so. I promise to love you forever, Sarah, as my friend, my partner, my love, and my wife. When things get better, or worse, or exciting, or boring, I am and will always be there for you. When we have lots of money, or none at all, my love for you will not change. And as we grow old together, through long lives woven together, my love for you will only grow stronger. This tiny little ring is my symbol of love and affection for you, and the promise of love that I forever keep.

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