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Custom Order for a Tuscan-Themed Wedding

Way back in September, I received an email from Anna, a lovely bride-to-be. She was interested in commissioning a custom ketubah design with a Mediterranean feel, in keeping with the "Tuscan" theme of her summer of 2014 wedding.

Anna explained that the theme was inspired by her Italian heritage: She grew up Catholic, and her fiancé is Jewish. A Mediterranean-feeling ketubah would be a lovely way to represent both traditions coming together.

I have been too busy for most of this past year to take custom orders, but I loved Anna's ideas and wanted to give it a shot. So I researched Tuscan art -- this was before my trip last month! -- and was particularly drawn to the bold, full curves and natural motifs of hand-painted, Tuscan ceramic folk art, with its rustic appeal, vines, grape leaves, fruits and paisley-like swirls.

I began sketches for a ketubah that borrowed some of these folksy vines and leaves, while recasting them in a more refined, contemporary papercut. I wanted to keep it simple, so I experimented with ink drawings of the motif I wanted to use. When they were ready, we scanned and digitized the drawings and then combined them into our final layout. Anna's fiancé had been attracted to the off-center of our Lace design, so we created a simple trellis for structure, and -- voila! -- our ketubah design was ready.

Check out pictures here, on Flickr! And let us know what you think!

~ Ruth

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