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Open House wrap-up

It's a wrap! Open House 2014 is in the books. It was such a pleasure meeting folks from all around Modiin this past weekend. Many thanks to all who came out for the event: I truly enjoyed the conversations, giving a tour of the studio and explaining various techniques used to create some of my favorite pieces. It was also really gratifying to see all of my work all together, for all to see.

I'll be honest: Turnout kind of sucked. I was so excited for the event, and was really excited to share all of the Beautiful in the studio with as many people as possible. It was a bit disappointing to gear up for an event and end up with lots of uneaten cookies. On the other hand, I don't know that extra cookies is actually a problem. And the folks that did come were really the best: I had a mathematician geek out with me on fractal geometry, and a few folks who wanted advice on how to start their own creative endeavors, and papercut enthusiasts, and some really lovely friends and neighbors. So it was wonderful, in the end. Quality over quantity, right?

But the best part of the Open House? New ideas. I have too many ideas and not enough time! Which is really a good problem to have, frankly.

The weeks leading up to the open house were especially productive ones here in the studio. Nothing like a deadline to push me to finish some pieces that had been on hold for awhile. My personal favorites are the "mizrach" pieces: The word means "east" in Hebrew, and a mizrach is a traditional way to represent the direction of prayer, i.e. towards Jerusalem. We can turn towards Jerusalem literally and also metaphorically: I like the idea of a piece of artwork that reminds us to focus our t'fila or prayer, or thoughts, or new-age energies. The Mizrach pieces have papercut lettering, which turned out beautifully! I made three different versions, one with pastel colors, another with gouache paints, and another with acrylic-mica gold.

My other personal favorites are the the pieces I made with verses from Pirkei Avot ("Ethics of the Fathers.") I like to think of these as traditional Jewish folk wisdom. I'm really happy with how these came out.

"Say little and do much"

Eshet Chayil -- Woman of Valor

Same design -- "Beaded" -- but with a beautiful quote from Khalil Gibran.

We'll be putting the new work up for sale on our Etsy site soon! Stay tuned.

"I look so awesome, I'm going to close my eyes and meditate on my awesomeness while I talk, OK? And can we all notice how long my hair is now? Just a few more years, and I'll be sportin' a ponytail again." And pretty ketubahs in the background. Yay!

Remember Chewy, the studio mascot? He wishes he was tall enough to look at Mommy's experimental papercuts. Aroo.

Thanks for reading along. And thanks again to all who came out for the Open House. Your support is much appreciated. Until next time! --

~ Ruth

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