Ruth Mergi Ketubah Circles Multilayer

Topo / 50

50 layers hand-cut paper. 19 x 19 cm.

Here's another fifty-layer piece, a continuation of this series.

Denser and more compact than its predecessor, this little piece cuts a more dramatic entry into three-dimensional space.

Again, the cutting here is simple and precise. Simple forms in a progression of minor changes compiled into a series -- which takes on a life of its own.

The monochromatic palette keeps the emphasis on form and structure. All that's needed is a play of light and shadow to enhance -- or subdue -- the drama.

As with my previous works, I consider this a "test," a sketch for larger planned works. My aim hear is to master the basic elements of the composition -- light / dark, line / contour, etc. -- before moving on to more complex work.

It's hard not to enjoy the drama here, right? Enjoy.

~ Ruth

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