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How do we order a ketubah?
  1. Purchase your ketubah from our online store

  2. Complete the online personalization form

  3. Receive your ketubah text and proof within 7-14 business days. 

  4. Review, share your comments and edits, and approve the final proof

  5. Receive your dream ketubah…!


How do you ship our ketubah?

We currently use FedEx shipping for all ketubahs. 


Which ketubah texts do you offer?

We offer a full range of ketubah texts in Hebrew and English (as well as traditional Aramaic,) suitable for Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, LGBT, interfaith, nonaffiliated, and secular couples. More information here.


When should we order?

An ideal time-frame for ordering most ketubahs is three or more months before your wedding. Most of our clients order about 6-12 weeks before their wedding dates -- a bit more for custom or sculptural pieces. 


How do we choose a ketubah text?

Your ketubah text may be personal and unique, traditional or modern. Select the wording that is most meaningful to you and reflects who you are as a couple. You may also consult your rabbi or officiant and determine what are their requirements, if any. 


Is a signature required with delivery?

Yes. Please plan accordingly. 


May we use our own text?

Yes. Please limit your text to 500 words total (so 250 words per language if choosing both Hebrew and English.) Please follow the prompts when ordering. 


How long does it take to create and ship a ketubah?

Typically, it takes about six weeks from when an order is received until it is shipped. Processing times may be longer during peak wedding season (March – September) and for sculptural designs. Turnaround times depend on our workload, and also depend on how quickly you review and approve your ketubah for print. 


Will my ketubah be delivered in time for my wedding?

We strive to ship ketubahs at least 2-3 weeks in advance your wedding date. In our experience, these time-frames are sufficient for ketubahs to reach their destinations on time. We do not however guarantee or warranty actual delivery to you on or by a certain date, and cannot be responsible for shipping or other delays.


How is the ketubah packaged?

Most ketubahs are shipped flat in our display-ready folios. The folio also doubles as a display stand. A crystal clear mylar overlay keeps your ketubah perfectly clean and well-protected, while allowing easy access for signing. 

Sculptural ketubahs are packaged in sturdy cardboard. Framed ketubahs are shipped in protective cardboard directly from our framer. 


Do you offer translation services?

Yes, we use an outside translation service that can translate your text from English to Hebrew and vice versa. Please note that translation fees are nonrefundable. 


Our wedding is just a few weeks away. Do we have enough time to order?

Probably! We can usually accept orders up until very soon before your wedding date -- just a couple of weeks, depending on the season and our availability. Orders received within six weeks of your wedding date are typically subject to a nonrefundable $60 rush processing fee (or 12 weeks for complex or sculptural pieces.) 


What if I need my ketubah before the “order by” date?

If you need your ketubah up to two weeks before the order-by date, please order now! Your order will be subject to a $60 rush surcharge. 

If you need your ketubah even sooner, please contact us to see if we can accommodate your order. Additional fees may apply. 


Can we make changes to your texts?

We’re happy to make changes to the English free of charge. If you change more than a couple of words, and you’d like your changes reflected in Hebrew translation, we will charge a translation fee for the work. 


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Please contact us for a shipping quote. Please note that you are responsible for any duties, taxes, or additional charges that may be associated with your shipment, if there turn out to be any. (Check the regulations in the country to which your ketubah is being shipped, as some countries do levy import duties.) 

* Framed ketubahs cannot be shipped internationally. 


Can we pick up our ketubah from your studio?

Yes. Please contact us to schedule pick up once your order is complete. Pick-up orders are subject to a $15 handling fee. 


What happens after we place our order?

After you purchase your ketubah, you’ll be directed to our personalization form. Please fill that out and submit as soon as you’re able, so that we may begin work on your ketubah text. Next, we’ll begin preparing your ketubah text and proof. You should expect to hear back from us within about 7-14 business days after receiving your completed order. 


Can we combine texts to create our own?

Yes. Please enter “custom” when ordering, and follow the prompts. Make sure to enter the text precisely as you would like it to appear on your ketubah. If you need us to work out the Hebrew translation, we will charge a translation fee for the work. *If it's just a few words or a phrase or two, we can offer the translation as a complimentary service.


May we use a text that we found on another website?

You may use any text so long as you have permission from the copyright holder to do so. Please contact the artist or seller directly and ask their permission to use the text. 


Will we see a proof of the before ketubah is printed?

Yes, your will receive a digital proof for your review and approval. You must approve the PDF proof before we print your ketubah.


How do we submit our custom text?

Please follow the prompts when ordering. We regret that we cannot transcribe texts from PDF or image (such as jpeg) files. Thank you for your cooperation.


We’d like to change our order. What should we do?

Please contact us ASAP. Depending on the situation, change fees may apply in order to cover the cost of work that has already been done on your ketubah. 


Our proof shows a light grey background, but we ordered something different. Why?

The background color pictured in your proof is for contrast purposes only, so you can see how your text looks on the ketubah design, and is not related to the background you ordered. 


How are your ketubahs made?

Our original designs are laser cut from fine fine digital art papers at Jerusalem Fine Art Prints, Israel’s premier fine art print workshop. Texts are printed in our Maryland studio and may be adhered to the ketubah using acid-free inks. Background prints are printed using museum-quality inks on acid-free Arches fine art papers.


What kind of paper do you use?

We use medium-weight acid-free fine art papers. Papers are a light cream color unless otherwise specified. 


Is the text printed or calligraphy?

Texts are digitally printed in our studio with archival inks. We have a number of typeface selections for you to choose from.


Is calligraphy available?

Hand-calligraphed ketubahs are not available at this time. However, you may order a blank ketubah that your calligrapher can write for you. Please contact us directly. 


What is included in the price?

 Prices include your chosen design and personalized, printed text. The cost of backgrounds, text translations, shipping, and processing fees, and framing will be reflected in your shopping cart at checkout. Signing pen not included. 


How delicate are the ketubahs?

The papercut artwork is delicate, but surprisingly sturdy. If handled with care, you should expect your ketubah to maintain its structure and integrity for a great many years to come. 


Can we order more than one background?

Yes, please contact us. It is easy to switch out the background for most of our ketubahs.


Is it possible to modify the ketubah design?

Perhaps. Please contact us directly to discuss what you have in mind.


What is the difference between single layer and multilayer?

The main difference between single- and multi-layer ketubah is whether or not the background is attached to the ketubah. For most ketubahs, the backgrounds are NOT attached to the ketubah. You can switch the backing out at any time. Multilayer ketubahs, however, have multiple ketubah layers that are permanently affixed to one another.


Our ketubah was damaged in transit. What do we do?

Please contact us, thank you. 


What’s the best way to contact you?

Email us at


What pen should we use for signing?

Sign your ketubah with any acid-free, archival ink signing pen, so that your signatures will last a lifetime. Please do not use sharpies or ball-points, which can smudge, fade, or otherwise degrade your ketubah over time. Try the Sakura Pigma pens from Micron. 


How should we handle our ketubah?

As little as possible. Do not touch except when you really must. Not only is the papercut delicate, but fingers carry dirt and oils that you’d best keep away from your once-in-a-lifetime work of art. 


How should we store our ketubah?

Before your wedding, keep your ketubah in its original packaging in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, moisture, pets, small children and other hazards. After the wedding, please have your ketubah professionally matted and framed as soon as possible. Our packaging is not intended for long-term storage.  


How should we display our ketubah at the wedding?

Most ketubahs arrive ready to display on a full-size or tabletop easel. To sign, lift the mylar overlay, and let it fall back into place for display afterwards. This will keep your ketubah clean and well-protected. When photograph the ketubah, you may want to lift away the mylar to avoid reflection and glare. For a more refined display, we now offer ketubah framing. 


What does your framing service include?

At this time, we offer only our signature combination of a white mat and silver frame. Your ketubah will have turn buttons on the back of the frame so that the ketubah may be removed for signing, and then replaced thereafter. If you wish to hang the ketubah after signing, you’ll need to attach the included wire. 

Please note that our framing is not recommended as a permanent framing solution, as the frame will not be properly sealed and preserved. We recommend bringing the ketubah to a professional after your wedding to that the frame can be properly sealed


What do you recommend for framing after the wedding?

See framing information here 


Can you recommend a framer?

Yes. We work with a national framing company, and will send you a discount code after your purchase. 


We have additional questions. Can we schedule a consultation?

Yes. Phone calls are available by appointment only. Please email us to schedule. 


How should we write our names on the ketubah?

We suggest using your full names, including middle names. Generally, the Hebrew includes both parents’ names. Orthodox ketubahs include the fathers’ names only. More information here


How do we enter our Hebrew names in the personalization form?

Trying using a virtual Hebrew keyboard, such as this one here.Then copy and paste the text into your order form. 


We know our Hebrew names, but not how to spell them in Hebrew. What should we do?

Please enter your name on the personalization form in English letters as best you can. We will use the most common accepted Hebrew spelling of the names provided. 


I don’t have a Hebrew name. What should I do?

Fill in your names and we’ll transliterate them for you -- that is, write your English name out phonetically in Hebrew letters. 


I don't know my parents' Hebrew names, but I have a copy of their ketubah. Can I send you a photo?

Yes. We’ll let you know if we can read everything OK.


Can we add a quotation or verse to the ketubah?

Yes. We offer a selection of quotes here


How many signature lines do we need?

Modern ketubahs typically include five witness lines, two for the couple, two for witnesses, and one for the rabbi or officiant.

Orthodox and Conservative texts are followed by two signature lines, for witnesses only. If combining Orthodox or Conservative wording with English wording, the two witness lines will follow the Hebrew text, and the English text will be followed by signature lines for the bride, groom, and rabbi.


Can we customize our signature lines?

Yes, please specify when ordering.