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  •  Rings ketubah on a dark blue background
  •  Rings ketubah on a crystal background
  •  Rings ketubah on a crystal background
  •  Rings ketubah on a crystal background
  •  Rings ketubah on chambray
  •  Rings ketubah on chambray
  •  Rings ketubah on blue gold bookcloth
  •  Rings ketubah on crystal
  •  Rings ketubah with crystal background
  •  Rings ketubah on dark blue
  •  Rings ketubah on antique gray
  •  Rings ketubah on dark blue
  •  Rings ketubah on mother of pearl


Rings around rings around rings! A stunning pattern of delicately carved concentric rings encircles your wedding-day promises in this gorgeous, lasercut fine art piece. Offering a mesmerising play of shape and shadow, this ketubah beautifies and enhances your wedding words to stunning visual effect. More Information

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Price: $925.00

  • Ketubah Details

    Original design by Ruth Mergi. Laser cut from fine art papers with digital giclée printed text. Classic design includes ketubah layer with text, and may be paired with a background of your choice.

  • Personalization

    Ketubah texts are personalized with your names, ceremony date, and ceremony location. Orthodox and Conservative texts incorporate additional details, as well. After you order, you will be directed to our online personalization form, where you’ll provide all of your personalization details, and will also have the opportunity to make special formatting requests.

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  • Review & Approval

    Review, editing, and your final approval are important parts of the ketubah order process.

    After we receive your order and personalization form, we will prepare your ketubah text and proof. Once you receive them, you’ll review carefully, and will have an opportunity to share both text and proof with your with your rabbi or officiant. At that point, we can make any necessary changes, and will send a revised proof for your final approval before printing.

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  • Turnaround & Shipping

    Turnaround times vary, ranging from about 3-12 weeks -- about six weeks is typical. Turnaround depends on our workload, as well as on how quickly you review and approve your ketubah for print. To expedite, please submit your personalization form just after ordering, and review your ketubah proof promptly upon receipt.

    We strive to ship ketubahs at least 7-14 days before your wedding date. If you need your ketubah by a certain date prior to your wedding, please let us know when placing your order. Most shipments arrive within 2-3 business days.

    Shipping rates are based on Ketubah size. US shipping rates are:

    • Katan(11x17) $25
    • Standard (13 x 19) $25
    • Large (16 x 24) $30
    • One Size / XL $35
    • Sculptural $45

    For international shipping, we’ll contact you after you order to finalize rates.

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